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for responsibility
Time and again, races lead to serious accidents. Sometimes they even end fatally. To combat illegal motor vehicle racing, the NRW police rely on consistent intervention, exhausting all legal possibilities.
Zero tolerance
against the speeding scene
Time and again, races lead to serious accidents. Sometimes they even end fatally. To combat illegal motor vehicle racing, the NRW police rely on consistent intervention, exhausting all legal possibilities.
Engines roar, exhausts rattle and a rich sound booms out of the speakers. Speeders, posers and tuners have become a plague in some big cities. The scene parades through the streets in convoys at night, especially at weekends. The PS show is also a dating event. Residents can't sleep and are annoyed ...
Accident risks
Gawkers, blind spots and distraction
The behavior of "rubberneckers" repeatedly leads to serious problems during police and rescue operations.
In a video, the NRW police warn schoolchildren about the dangers of the "blind spot" and give important tips for correct behavior in road traffic.
Don't distract yourself - no cell phone at the wheel.
Always form a rescue lane in good time in traffic jams or gridlocked traffic on highways and multi-lane roads outside built-up areas!
Major inspection
of the Cologne police
During a major police operation in Cologne, everything with wheels is targeted - from scooters to articulated lorries.
Cyclists and e-scooters

One helmet, 16 federal states: #HeadDecision!

Nominated by the Lower Saxony police, we are happy to take on this nationwide challenge. Launched by the Bavarian police, the campaign with prominent support aims...

More and more e-scooters are populating city centers. Officially, the vehicles that are called e-scooters in the press are small electric vehicles. It sounds dry, but it is already boosting mobility in many other European city centers. What do I need to bear in mind when I'm out and about on an e-sc...
from motorcyclists
The police in the district of Euskirchen are fighting against speeders and tuners on two and four wheels with large-scale traffic surveillance during a racing weekend.
in road traffic
Playfully prepare children for dangerous situations in road traffic.
Road safety work and advice is intended to help reduce or prevent traffic accidents - especially those involving children. Safe travel to school on foot and by bike is the focus of our road safety work with and at elementary school.
in road traffic
Lotti & Kurt are the charming trademarks of a unique nationwide prevention campaign for senior citizens in road traffic.
at your side
Quick and unbureaucratic help is important after a serious traffic accident. On this page you will find offers of help, contact persons and important tips for dealing with the consequences of an accident.
for accidents
The recording of traffic accidents is becoming increasingly complex thanks to digital technology in cars. The police's response: in future, forces with high-tech equipment will be deployed across the country.
"There's been another crash" is what you hear when there has been a repeated traffic accident at a certain location or on a certain road. How do the police actually deal with this when accidents occur more frequently at a certain location? Do they even notice it?
in passenger and freight transport
Martina Habeck and Markus Piotti from Münster police headquarters look after Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian truckers at rest areas. Just one of many examples of how the NRW police help in times of war
in passenger and freight transport
The police focus on regular night-time checks of freight traffic. The driving and rest times, the technical condition of the vehicles and the securing of the freight are checked.
In June 2014, the Federal Ministry of Transport published its traffic forecast up to 2030: traffic will increase significantly.
Traffic accidents
The road accident statistics provide data on the number of accidents, people involved, casualties, the causes of accidents and the severity of the consequences of accidents.
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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110